Supporting Families Within Community Settings

with Lavinia Moore & Mandy Spray

Discussion about the work they do for vulnerable people while maintaining their passion within a center of supportive, motivated, skilled and heart-centered workforce.

Lavinia Moore

Lavinia Moore

Lavinia Moore is an independent Social Work Improvement Consultant with over 30 years experience in child protection with a specialism in domestic violence and safeguarding. Since 2015 she has been a local authority lead specialist for Child Sexual Exploitation.

Lavinia is a certified Clarity Coach trained by Jamie Smart, and a Freedom Programme Child Protection Consultant and Trainer.

She is an experienced NLP practitioner and qualified therapist - with a specialism in child protection clinical supervision - working with individuals and groups in gaining an understanding and awareness of all aspects of abusive behaviour in relationships.

All her professional practice and personal development is from the Three Principles paradigm.
Mandy Spray

Mandy Spray

Mandy has worked in Health and Social Care services, in particular Learning Disability services, for thirty years and is an experienced facilitator and trainer.

From a nursing and social care background, Mandy has always been passionate about person centred planning and ensuring that vulnerable people are supported by a motivated, skilled and heart centred workforce.

Mandy has facilitated numerous workshops over the years both within statutory services as well as the Private and Voluntary services.

Mandy came across the Three Principles in 2012 and still has few words for the impact the understanding has had on her life! Since then she has trained and practiced as an Innate Wellbeing Facilitator and Clarity Coach, and has supported both organisations with mentoring and supporting their trainees and students.

Whilst running her own individualised and group coaching and mentoring programmes, Mandy is creating an organisation dedicated to sharing the Three Principles within health, social care and educational setting, in particular to those providing direct care and support. will be launched in early 2018.