2018 Speakers

Mandy Spray

Katja Symons

Katja Symons learned about the three principles when she lived in Spain in March 2011. Pretty soon it got clear to her that she wanted to bring this understanding to her home country, Germany, but it didn't happen immediately. She first of all shared her understanding within the English speaking community and focused on her Natural Health Mentoring business (www.katjasymons.com), also co-creating lots of resources on the subject of physical health and the principles for the joint platform "Insight to Healing" with her friend and business partner Mick Tomlinson (www.katjasymons.com). First steps were taken in 2015 to be sharing in German also, which led to her moving back to Germany for good in April 2016. Ever since she has been using most of her energy to be sharing the principles in Germany. Katja shares her understanding within her "School of Life" in Berlin, as she calls it, and has since also been running a first professional training with 9 participants who will themselves be sharing the principles with the world. She also co-founded a German internet platform to offer resources and information about the principles in German (www.dreiPrinzipien.org). More information on Katja's German website: www.katjasymons.de


Appearing on:

Sowing Seeds, Reaping Rewards

Date: February 26th 2018

Time: 11 am PDT / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK Time

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