2018 Speakers

Cheri Gillings

Cheri Gillings

Cheri Gillings has been working with personal and organisational change in addiction and recovery treatment since 2003. She is a qualified counsellor, clinical hypnotherapist and coach. She was introduced to the Serenity Principle in September 2014 whilst transitioning between employment roles. In 2017, she had an idea that people with an Inside Out understanding could host listening posts during mental health awareness week 2017 and train people within communities and organisations to “listen for wellbeing” within themselves and then the other. Cheri is “Mum” to one grown up daughter and “Nanny” to her daughter’s one boy child.

Appearing on:

Anything’s Possible

Date: February 26th 2018

Time: 9 am PDT / 12 pm EST / 5 pm UK Time

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