Sowing Seeds, Reaping Rewards

with Mike Behan & Katja Symons

What they have developed from ideas virtually and onsite in their countries (UK & Germany) and their local communities and what they have learned in accomplishing them.

Date: February 26th 2018

Time: 11 am PDT / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK Time

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Sowing Seeds, Reaping Rewards

What Does Community Begins Witnin You Mean to You?

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About The Speakers

Mike Behan

Mike Behan

Michael for the last seven years has been facilitating groups for people with drug and alcohol problems. Eighteen months ago, he started a Facebook page called the J.A.T. Club and six months ago created

For the last ten years Michael has been on a journey of self-discovery after having a spiritual experience that freed him from a life of alcohol abuse. After the experience Michael went searching for answers to what the experience had revealed. He researched the religions, philosophy and completed three years counselling courses. All this helped raise his conscious awareness however, he still felt somehow disconnected. He then discovered the Three Principles and started having insights and understanding, that what he had been searching for, he already had.

The principle of universal mind and consciousness resonated with him and for the first time felt connected to “all that is” He understood that we are ok in every moment and its only our misuse of thought stops us seeing this. He began to understand how our thoughts in the moment create our experience of life, our feelings mirror our thoughts and that the only reality was ever” in the moment”

With these three simple insights Michael hired a church hall and began to share what he understood with support groups to whoever would listen. Attendances began to rise at these weekly sessions. Sometime later a local drug and alcohol charity heard about these groups and contacted Michael offering him a room in one of their centres. Over the next couple of years a wonderful service user group was formed that decided to call themselves the J.A.T.(just a thought) Club. Weekly sessions commenced where presentation material evolved helping Michael to explore his teachings along with him sharing his own personal experiences and understandings. Michaels aim was to facilitate anything from small to dramatic changes in his attendees which very quickly proved to be successful. Word soon spread among service users and his groups began and continue to grow.

Recently Michael has taken his work into other areas of the community. For example, he is currently talking to HR departments in the private sector about improving the mental wellbeing of their staff hoping to improve sickness absence levels. He has taken his work into Winson Green Prison, Birmingham which has been well received by both prisoners and staff. Also, through recommendation, Michael is now looking forward to sharing his understanding in the New Year at a private rehabilitation centre in Gloucestershire.

Katja Symons

Katja Symons

Katja Symons learned about the three principles when she lived in Spain in March 2011. Pretty soon it got clear to her that she wanted to bring this understanding to her home country, Germany, but it didn't happen immediately. She first of all shared her understanding within the English speaking community and focused on her Natural Health Mentoring business (, also co-creating lots of resources on the subject of physical health and the principles for the joint platform "Insight to Healing" with her friend and business partner Mick Tomlinson ( First steps were taken in 2015 to be sharing in German also, which led to her moving back to Germany for good in April 2016. Ever since she has been using most of her energy to be sharing the principles in Germany. Katja shares her understanding within her "School of Life" in Berlin, as she calls it, and has since also been running a first professional training with 9 participants who will themselves be sharing the principles with the world. She also co-founded a German internet platform to offer resources and information about the principles in German ( More information on Katja's German website:

What they have developed from ideas virtually and onsite in their countries (UK & Germany) and their local communities and what they have learned in accomplishing them. #3p #threeprinciples #community #TCIO2018