The Ripple Effect

with Liliana Bellini & Thomas Jensen

How each of them found the understanding of 3P which has allowed them a greater freedom in doing what they enjoy and the choices they make in sharing it.

Liliana Bellini

Liliana Bellini

A native of Italy, Liliana studied Fine Arts and earned a BA (Hons) in Fashion Design. In the late 80s she moved to London and immersed herself in the field of complementary medicine, progressing on to formally study homeopathy. For many years she helped people regaining and maintaining their health through her holistic approach to life.

Lliana’s commitment to finding the most effective way of alleviating psychological suffering has led her to explore other modalities such as EFT and NLP at a master practitioner level.

Since training at the One Thought Institute in 2014, Liliana’s professional life has been mainly about sharing the Three Principles understanding with individuals and groups.

In January 2016 Liliana joined the Beyond Recovery team delivering resilience programs to men in custody.

Inspired by her prison work, in February 2017 Liliana and Peggy Jhugroo founded Insight Living CIC, a social enterprise dedicated to providing Three Principles based programs and mentoring to all areas of the community including education, mental health and especially the criminal justice system.

The work of Insight Living has been naturally evolving and reaching many people, impacting and transforming their lives.

Additionally, Liliana holds monthly workshops called “Lili’s Home Seminars” for adults and separately for young people. These one-day workshops provides a relaxed and inclusive space for people to make sense of life, with love, humor and wholesome food.

Liliana is a warm, caring and fun-loving person with a passion for nature, sports, cooking, music and dancing barefoot… separately or all at the same time. She is married and has 4 grown up children.

The website for Insight Living is currently under construction but this is the address:
Thomas Jensen

Thomas Jensen

Hello, I love that you are reading this right now, thank you! How are you, me too, in joy we are all one, and it matters that we try to understand.

”Any fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius - and a lot of courage - to move in the opposite direction.”
- Albert Einstein

We do not have to get anywhere because we are already there. A short time for a mind and body to realize the gift of being able to respond to the fact that we are award winners of all time of the precious gift of thought. An infinite for the soul with no beginning and no end.

Life didn't always look like this. For 50 years I thought I knew just about everything. One day I suddenly had to stay and listen. Life gave me the sound of a broken neck: my own.

Recovering in bed for 8 months trying different techniques and programs for a year after that, I came across the 3Ps and forgot about me. I discovered and am discovering mysel, realizing every day with joy and seeing that I made everything up innocently doing my best to figure out life. And misusing the gift of thought against me. When I most of the time get out of my habitual thinking, I don't know anything. Hence life takes care of me. Life lives me, and it is as simple as that.

Living life from that perception makes it simple and seeing that makes it meaningful, beautiful, productive and endless in its simplicity of how to understand with compassion and how to experience real love unfolding.

Thomas Jensen
Realizing freedom of mind