Behind the Scenes

with Sheela Masand, Anne Curtis & Terri Alamo

What does it take for one to be "behind the scenes" and work with others in developing 3P trainings, retreats, events, or projects? Knowing the overall process and final results being sought for the activity is to inspire others to learn, connect or change their lives?

Sheela Masand

Sheela Masand

Sheela Masand works with small businesses, leaders, coaches and solopreneurs around the world from Israel to Canada, and Russia to the USA. She has over 9 years’ experience coaching and working globally both as a business coach and a life coach and the last 5 years organising events in Spain and on line.

Her first on line event took place in 2013 – it is this Telesummit – Transforming Community from the Inside Out! Sheela had an idea to bring together some of the leading experts in their field to share freely and spread the word of the transformation taking place in communities across the globe. This was the birth of this annual global Telesummit! She is delighted that CSC continues to organise it after she stepped down in 2015.

Sheela loves to help people do what they love to do; this takes form in coaching them to grow their businesses and practices. Very recently she has been drawn to creating more events in her local area as she witnesses the transformations happening in the room for participants. This was actually a big insight she had at the last retreat she organised for Jack and Gabriela.

She has been organising retreats and training courses in Spain since 2012 for teachers such as Jack Pransky, Gabriela Maldonado-Montano and Ami Chen Mills. She is also the co-founder and co-organizer of The Viva Event, an annual gathering in Spain that comprises a medley of 3 Principle teachings, conversations, lots of fun and laughter, dancing and surprises, but above all, loving connections.

Space for connection is the next event on the agenda for Sheela in 2018, another gathering of beautiful souls for them to hang out and connect with absolutely no agenda, just bathing in the unknown and being with life as it unfolds in beautiful sunny Spain! A weekend of no-thing and every-thing! Sheela has 2 beautiful daughters and is eagerly looking forward to the wedding of her first born in September!
Dr. Anne Curtis

Dr. Anne Curtis

Anne lives part time in Jersey in the Channel Islands – just off the northwest coast of France – and part time in France.

Anne trained and worked as a medical doctor, a sexual and relationship therapist, a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, NLP and EFT practitioner and in energy healing approaches including Qigong – in a 30+ year search to find the solution to all suffering – physical and emotional – for herself and for others.

She retired from her medical and therapy practices in 2009 – despite her holistic approach being very popular with patients – because she felt burned out and disappointed she had still not found the answer.

In 2014 while struggling to help her mother survive incurable cancer Anne had a profound spiritual insight experience – which showed her – she was not responsible for – and had no control over – her mother's health – and that the force behind all of life was taking care of everything.

6 months later Anne was given the book Somebody Should Have Told us as a birthday gift. This was her first introduction to the 3 Principles understanding – which she later realized was the very same understanding her spiritual experience had pointed her towards.

Anne was now excited to open up the possibility of this same insight having the same profound effects on everyone.

Anne is working on books and online programs and most of all enjoys letting people know about all the amazing resources that are already available to choose from.

She set up the 3 Principles Resources Group on Facebook to share these resources freely – and then was asked by Elizabeth Lovius to put together the 3 Principles Resources Library – which is now accessible through the Real Change Portal website.

Terri Alamo

Terri Alamo

Terri was first introduced to the Principles in 2010 and has been promoting the understanding ever since in support roles with Three Principles facilitators and organizations such as Michael Neill, Annika Hurwitt, Linda Pritcher, Cathy Fandrich, and 3PGC. Her role working with Michael Neill as his "magic elf" included all aspects of running a coaching business and set up and attendance at 5 Supercoach Academies and numerous other trainings. As a Virtual Assistant she works with individual clients doing tasks including bookkeeping, web site maintenance for WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, and html sites, e-list maintenance with Mailchimp, Aweber, Constant Contact, Direct Response and Infusionsoft, social media posting and advertising on all platforms, calendar maintenance and integration, Webinars, Teleseminars, Live events, setup, production and follow up, e course setup and delivery, audio and video processing and editing, customer service, tech support, marketing, branding and business consulting, specializing in organizational systems, branding, brainstorming, accountability, and product creation. Terri received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from SUNY Empire State College in 2003. She started her own Virtual Assistant Company, TLC for Coaches in 2008 after working in various businesses including banking, abrasives, the newspaper industry, and for the Catholic Dioceses in roles that included member services, business manager, accountant, CFO and sales positions. Terri looks forward to spreading an awareness of the "inside-out" approach to human resiliency within communities around the world with passion and enthusiasm.