Beginning Community Connections: From Then to Now

with Mary Martin, Alice Bryan & Claudia Henning

A talk about how people came together in Des Moines, Iowa (USA) to connect with each other in the Three Principles. Their work encompasses 3P training that has now affected many organizations and lives.

Date: February 27th 2018

Time: 11 am PDT / 2 pm EST / 7 pm UK Time

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Beginning Community Connections: From Then to Now

What Does Community Begins Witnin You Mean to You?

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About The Speakers

Mary Martin

Mary Martin

Mary Martin was first exposed to the 3 Principles in 1998, and has considered herself a 3 Principles practitioner since 2004. She currently serves as Director of the Division of Community and Family Support (DCFS) in the Office of Early Childhood at the Colorado Department of Human Services in Denver, Colorado. Through the years she has also served formally and informally as a teacher and mentor to awaken creativity, resilience and well-being in individuals and groups through the understanding of the Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, and this is the work she considers most important of all.

Mary holds a Master's of Social Work degree and is licensed as a Clinical Social Worker. She completed her graduate and undergraduate work (a Bachelor's degree in English) at Louisiana State University in her home state. She has 3 sons, now grown and married, and 3 grandchildren who are the light of her life.
Alice Bryan

Alice Bryan

Alice Bryan co-facilitates a Three Principles discussion group in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and serves as Board Member and Past Vice President of 3 Principles Network, a 501c3 non-profit. She has been organizing and implementing community trainings in schools, community, and business since 2004. Alice also serves on the Youth Justice Initiative Advisory Board. She has served this Three Principles based restorative justice program as a Case Monitor working with youth, parents and community, and as a Community Representative, educator and volunteer.

For 25 years, Alice worked at Iowa Lutheran Hospital and UnityPoint Health – Des Moines in Des Moines, Iowa, USA. She loved working in many departments and roles, from patient care to administration, finally as part of The Center for Healthy Communities. While at The Center for Healthy Communities, she attended the first local Three Principles community training in 2004. She was deeply moved by what she discovered for herself and about the origin of our human experience. From this training, a group of attendees formed a task force to continue to explore opportunities to learn and to share this understanding with others for the betterment of individuals and the larger community.

Alice feels privileged to have learned from Sydney Banks during his lifetime by attending his international conferences, spending time on Salt Spring Island with Mr. Banks, Elsie Spittle, and friends and to have shared telephone conversations with Mr. Banks during our early exploration days. It has been a gift to have to learned from many of his first-generation students and pioneers in their field and to be a part of this global community.

Right now, Alice works to keep the Three Principles work as pure to Sydney Banks vision as possible while she enjoys time making a home with her significant other, spending time with their family, grandchildren, and friends, doing a little listening and dancing to her favorite musicians, and seeing more about life via the Principles each day.

Claudia Henning

Claudia Henning

Over 15 years ago, West Des Moines Police Chief Jack O’Donnell invited Claudia to take the lead in creating a community initiative that would reduce youth crime. Claudia engaged a cross section of our community leaders and citizens. What emerged was a Restorative Justice initiative that holds youth accountable and mobilizes a community of support to help them get on track and become positive citizens. Since the inception of the Youth Justice Initiative, YJI has been an organic, evolutionary experience!

YJI has won numerous awards and recognitions over the years including the prestigious Webber Seavey Award—a recognition from the international Chiefs of Police, and the Iowa Community Involvement in Education award.

What Claudia is most proud of are the frequent words of the youth who participate in the Initiative as they look around a Circle of everyday citizens who have come together on their behalf. Frequently these youth say, “I never knew so many people cared.”

A talk about how people came together in Des Moines, Iowa (USA) to connect with each other in the Three Principles. Their work encompasses 3P training that has now affected many organizations and lives. #3p #threeprinciples #TCIO2018